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ISO KF quick release connections are available in sizes NW10/16 up to NW50 according to ISO. KF NW63 is an additional size, which is only being offered by EVAC with appropriate seals (elastomer, aluminium) and chain clamps.

Generally, an inner- or outer centered elastomer seal (Aluminium seal for special applications) is placed between two flanges and the sealing is achieved via a chain clamp.

Flanges are available in stainless steel as well as in glass (Duran® , quartz).

KF standard is most frequently used for rough-  to high vacuum, up to 10E-9 mbar (100 nPa), or peak pressure up to 20 bar (2 MPa), depending on flange diameter and seal material, as well as on geometry of the center ring. While inner center rings are used for vacuum applications, outer center rings are used for overpressure. Combinations of both are available, where both conditions are likely to occur.

Using steel KF flanges, with aluminium edge type seals, vacuum and peak pressure range can be well expanded to 10E-11 mbar (1 nPa) and 50 bar (5 MPa), respectively.


KF Flanges according to ISO 2861

Standard sizes: NW 10…50.

EVAC special size: NW 63.
The flanges are made from one piece of material (short and long).
They can be used with EVAC chain clamps and elastomer seals for UHV or with metal seals  for EUHV applications.

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KF Glass flanges

Standard sizes: NW10…63

The flange dimensions are identical to the KF flanges, except the flange thickness, which is 4mm instead of 3mm. The 4mm thickness makes the glass flanges stronger to prevent cracking when the chain clamp is tightened.

The available materials comprise Duran® (up to 450 degC) and quartz (up to 1000 degC). While the maximum operating temperature is usually limited by the seal in use, especially endurance of short-term temperature shocks are part of the important operating characteristics of these parts.

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KF chain clamps

KF chain clamps

KF chain clamps NW 16…63.

Chain clamps available in different materials.
Composite/stainless steel: strong enough to make a good seal, but also soft enough not to crack the glass flanges under temperature changes. Usable with polymer seals only. Work with glass and metal flanges.

Alu/stainless steel or pure stainless steel: applicable for metal seals, providing  sufficiently strong and uniform pressure over the flange diameter. Stainless steel chainclamps are imperative for metal seals and pressure applications.

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KF Seals

Elastomer seal for KF glass flanges

Elastomer seal NW16…63.

Compatible to the ISO KF standard, the total width of two flanges plus one seal should be always 10mm. Since the EVAC glass flanges have a thickness of 4mm and the metal flanges 3mm, following combinations are possible:
– glass (4mm) + seal (2mm) + glass(4mm) = 10mm
– glass (4mm) + seal (3mm) + metal (3mm) = 10mm
– metal (3mm) + seal (4mm) + metal (3mm) = 10mm

EVAC provides all these seal geometries, enabling for very easy interfacing between glass and metal systems in the UHV range.

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Elastomer seal for KF metal flanges

Elastomer seals NW 16…63.

Available in different material combinations.
Inner and outer ring made of aluminium, stainless steel or Teflon®.
O-ring out of FKM or FEP. PTFE-covered or multi-layer FKM, or other materials available upon request.
Contrary to standard materials (< 150 degC), EVAC FKM can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 200 degC.

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Alu edge type seal for KF flanges

Aluminium edge type seals NW 16…63.

EVAC aluminium edge type seal is made out of special, high purity Aluminium, bakeable up to150 degC. This seal is used for EUHV applications (< 10E-11 mbar, < 1 nPa).

The significantly reduced outgassing, resistance to radiation with short decay time, etc. make the aluminium seals essential for EUHV applications.

As a direct replacement for polymer seals, the edge type aluminium seals drive the pressure limit from <10E-9 mbar (<100 nPa) down to <10E-11 mbar (<1 nPa) efficiently, using the same flanges in the system.

Also in extreme dirty environments aluminium edge type seals often proved themselves as trouble shooters successfully.

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KF Fittings

KF Fittings

KF fittings NW 16…63.

KF fittings allow for flexibility in design and construction.

These parts are available as elbows, tees, cross-pieces and also as adapters.
Available in materials stainless steel (SUS 304), quartz or in Duran®, offering impressive properties.

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KF Bellows / Hoses

KF metal bellows

KF metal bellows NW 10…63.

KF metal bellows are used for vacuum or overpressure, where axial or lateral compensation is necessary. Their special construction offers many advantages like:

– compensation of thermal expansion
– prevention of vibration transfer
– substitution of elastomer compensators

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KF PTFE bellows

KF PTFE bellows NW 10…63.

KF PTFE bellows with seamless composite material flanges offer excellent properties like:

– electrically insulating and antimagnetic
– suitable for glass and metal systems
– high flexibility
– fully sterilizable

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KF metal hoses

KF metal hoses NW 10…63.

KF metal hoses are used for vacuum or overpressure, where axial, lateral or angular compensation is necessary. Some of their advantages are:
– highly flexible, without annealing
– can be used for ultra-high vacuum to slight pressure
– highest bending and torsional strength

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