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EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ connections are available in sizes NW8 up to NW80 as standard.

The primary application range of this system is pharma, biotech, as well as food & beverage markets. Though, the advantages of metal free seals (no center ring) and zero deadspace, also open several Semicon applications for this connection technology, especially when vacuum requirements are satisfied at levels of 10E-7 mbar (10 µPa).

Fittings are made of stainless steel (SUS316L) and are fully sterilizable. Flange dimensions are according to ISO 2852 with tubes according to ISO 1127. Seals are available in several materials like Viton, silicone, EPDM and many more.

This system is used, where a gap-free connection is essential in order to achieve the cleaning in place (CIP) requirement. The seamless transition in between flanges, as well as the special wave design of bellows allow for the in-situ brush cleaning of the system without opening and inserting bacteria or other contaminants from the outside.

sTeRIc-clamp™ Flanges

sTeRIc-clamp™ Flanges according to ISO 2852

Standard sizes 8…80mm

The flanges are made from one piece of material..
field application: food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.
The material is stainless steel (SUS 316L).
fully sterilizable, cleaning in place (CIP) conformant.

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EVAC sTeRIc- Chain Clamps

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ chain clamps

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ chain clamps Size 8…80mm.

Links are made of high-tech composite material, straps, bolts, etc. out of stainless steel (SUS 316L).

High temperature versions are available for up to 200 degC operating temperature.

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EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ Seals

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ seals

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ seal size 8…80mm.

Available in various materials like FKM, EPDM, PTFEor silicone, etc.

Useable in combination with EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ flanges and chain clamps.

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EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ Hoses

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ hoses

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ hoses sizes 8…80mm.

Hoses with sTeRIc-clamp™ flanges acc. to ISO 2852.

Hose and flanges are out of stainless steel (SUS 316L) and fully sterilizable.
The special design of the hose chamfer enables self-cleaning effect and is fully cleaning in place (CIP) compatible.

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