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EVAC ISO Tapered™ connections are available in sizes NW80 up to NW250 as standard and also larger sizes up to NW700 upon request.

Developed by EVAC, this system allows customers to get a leakproof connection within seconds by tightening only one or max. two screws (one screw is being used in case of using elastomer seals and two screws in case of using aluminium edge type seals in order to get a better force distribution).

For example, in comparison with an ISO-K NW125 connection (with an elastomer seal 8 clamping screws are recommended), you can get the same connection leakproof with just only one screw in case of using the EVAC ISO Tapered™ system. The time saving factor is apparent, especially with a larger factory setup.

Flanges are available in stainless steel as well as in glass (Duran® , quartz).

This system logically expands ISO KF to the larger diameters.

EVAC ISO Tapered™ Flanges

EVAC ISO Tapered™ Flanges

EVAC ISO Tapered™ flanges NW 80…250.

The flanges are made from one piece of material.

They can be used with EVAC chain clamps and elastomer seals for UHV or with metal seals for EUHV applications.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ glass flanges

EVAC ISO Tapered glass flanges NW80…250.

The flange dimensions are identical to the EVAC ISO Tapered metal flanges, so they can be connected with an elastomer seal and a composite chain clamp together. So a UHV tight glass to metal transition could be achieved very easily and also very cost effective.

These flanges are available in quartz and in Duran®. Inside pure metal systems, especially adapters made from Duran® can be used for achieving significant electrical insulation values above several 100 kVolt, depending on geometry.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ chain clamps

EVAC ISO Tapered™ chain clamps

EVAC ISO Tapered™ chain clamps NW 80…250.

Chain clamps available in different materials.

Composite/stainless steel: strong enough to make a good seal, but also soft enough not to crack the glass flanges under temperature changes. Usable with polymer seals only. Work with glass and metal flanges.

Alu/stainless steel or pure stainless steel: applicable for metal seals, providing sufficiently strong and uniform pressure over the flange diameter. Stainless steel chainclamps are imperative for metal seals and pressure applications.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ Seals

EVAC ISO Tapered™ Seals for Glass Flanges

Elastomer seals NW 80…250

At glass flanges the carriers of the O-rings should be always out of composite.

Inner and outer ring out of PTFE
O-ring out of FKMor FEP

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ seals

Elastomer seals NW 80…250.

Available in different material combinations.

Inner and outer ring made of aluminium, stainless steel or PTFE.

O-ring out of FKM or FEP. PTFE-covered or multi-layer FKM, or other materials available upon request.

Contrary to standard FKM (< 150 degC), EVAC FKM can withstand a continuous operating temperature of up to 200 degC.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ Alu Edge Type Seals

Aluminium edge type seals NW 80…250

EVAC aluminium edge type seal is made out of special, high purity Aluminium, bakeable up to150 degC. This seal is used for EUHV applications (< 10E-11 mbar, < 1 nPa).

The significantly reduced outgassing, resistance to radiation with short decay time, etc. make the aluminium seals essential for EUHV applications.

As a direct replacement for polymer seals, the edge type aluminium seals drive the pressure limit from

Also in extreme dirty environments aluminium edge type seals often proved themselves as trouble shooters successfully.

These seals can be custom produced up to diameters of 1m, also in custom type non-circular (racetrack) shapes.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ Fittings

EVAC ISO Tapered™ Fittings

EVAC ISO Tapered™ fittings NW 80…250.

EVAC ISO Tapered™ fittings allow flexibility in design and construction.

These parts are available as elbows, tees, crosses, and also as adapters.

Available in materials stainless steel (SUS 304), quartz or in Duran®, offering impressive properties.

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ Bellows / Hoses

EVAC ISO Tapered™ bellows

EVAC ISO Tapered™ bellows NW 80…160.

EVAC ISO Tapered™ bellows are used for vacuum or overpressure, where axial or lateral compensation is necessary. Their special construction offers many advantages like:

– compensation of thermal expansion
– prevention of vibration transfer
– substitution of elastomer compensators

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EVAC ISO Tapered™ hoses

EVAC ISO Tapered™ metal hoses NW 80…160.

EVAC ISO Tapered™ metal hoses are used for vacuum or overpressure, where axial, lateral or angular compensation is necessary.

Some of their advantages are:
– highly flexible, without annealing
– can be used for ultra-high vacuum to slight pressure
– very good bending and torsional stability

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