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1973   EVAC founded in Buchs Switzerland

1978   Start of first sales to Japan

1981    First sales order from USA

1986    EVAC changed into private held stock company (EVAC AG)

1987    CERN Switzerland orders 100’000 metal seals for LEP collider

1989    First Semicon exhibition in USA

1992    Foundation of EVAC International in USA

1993    Invention of EVAC Chain Clamp KF System

1995    Invention of EVAC ISO Tapered™ System

1998    Invention of EVAC ISO Combi System

2002    Invention of EVAC CeFiX® System

2006    Brigitte Blanco-Fend new President & CEO

2007    Streamlining of Internal Production & Supply Channels

2008    Restructuring of Sales Organization and Distribution Channels

2009    Invention of Ultra High Temperature Polymer Chain Clamp

2010    Implementation of New Website

2013    Relocation to new premises in Grabs, Switzerland – Expansion of production areas

2018    Renewal and equipment of our machinery with the latest Technnik installation of a modern ultrasonic washing system for the ultra-high vacuum range

2019    In planning: Establishment of particle-free rooms in the area of product cleaning and product packaging



Heinrich Fend

CEO & President

Brigitte Blanco