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EVAC® is the leading provider of sealing technology.

Our chain clamps, flanges and seals are setting continuously world standards in many different markets like semicon, (PVD, CVD), industrial (coating), science (accelerators, nuclear), aerospace, chemical, biotech, pharma, medical, food & beverage, railway, and many others.

With EVAC’s special technologies like CeFiX® for reusable metal seals, or our famous EVAC ISO Tapered chain clamps, we continuously provide outstanding solutions for applications as ultra high vacuum or even high-pressure hydrolics, serving operating temperatures ranging from close to absolute zero up to +450 degC.

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Our products

ISO KF quick release connections are available in sizes NW10/16 up to NW50 according to ISO. KF NW63 is an additional size, which is only being offered by EVAC with appropriate seals (elastomer, aluminium) and chain clamps.

EVAC ISO CeFiX® connections are available in sizes NW16 up to NW250, as standard. This system has been developed completely by EVAC, allowing customers to get a EUHV leakproof connection within seconds.

EVAC ISO Tapered™ connections are available in sizes NW80 up to NW250 as standard and also larger sizes up to NW700 upon request.

EVAC sTeRIc-clamp™ connections are available in sizes NW8 up to NW80 as standard. The primary application range of this system is pharma, biotech, as well as food & beverage markets.